About Us

Yo Foods is one of the Best Indian Restaurant located in Harris Park, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Yo Foods was established in 2007 with a passion to serve the original Indian flavour and provide our guests with the real authentic experience. Some of our guests commented, " This is the Best Indian Restaurant in Sydney." Other commented "Best Indian Food in Sydney" and Others " Most beautiful Indian Restaurant in Sydney". Yo Foods Indian is a perfect destination for all-day dining and entertaining, breakfast, lunch and dinner. We offer a fantastic dining experience in the soothing ambience of the restaurant that is known for its exceptional interiors and beautiful appearance. Over the years, the restaurant has grown into casual, family-oriented and a fine dining restaurant. We offer wholesome dishes that are cooked with right herbs, spices, flavours and textures to offer guests a broad and savoury tasting of Indian cuisines. Our passion and desire to continuously serve something unique and delectable has helped us to carve a niche for ourselves in this domain.

our presents a glimpse of Indian tradition and culture with its delicious dishes. We look forward to bring its innovative menus and award-winning beverages to new communities while continuing to craft memories with its amazing team members and guests.


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